BCA Tracker S Rescue Package

Barcode: 499990630302
Style ID: 3003009

BCA Tracker S Rescue Package

Barcode: 499990630302
Style ID: 3003009
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BCA Tracker S Rescue Package

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Get your beacon, shovel and probe in one fell swoop, and guarantee a great price on some of the best avy gear in the business, with the BCA TrackerS Rescue Package. This package features the Tracker S beacon, a simplified version of the proven Tracker 3 with similar performance and less operational complexity. In avy rescue, this simplicity translates to speed. The package includes the Stealth 270 probe and the B-1 EXT shovel. Buy it, practice with it, and hope you never have to use it in an emergency.

Product Details
  • Beacon Features
    • Tracker S™ – The BCA Tracker S™ Avalanche Transceiver has the performance, ease of use and instantaneous real-time display of the Tracker3, without the Tracker3 motion-sensing or upgradeable software, which are advanced features needed by snow professionals while in an avalanche area. This Backcountry Access beacon is used to find people while in an avalanche and prevent death or injury by locating the transceiver.
    • Big Picture Mode – The closest thing to an analog transceiver in the digital world. It displays distances and directions of all the transceivers that are transmitting within range.
    • Signal Suppression Mode – Suppresses the strongest signal and shows the searcher the second strongest signal, including directional arrows.
    • Multiple Burial and Close Proximity Indicators
    • Three Antenna System
    • Battery Life – Minimum 1 hour in search mode after 200 hours in transmit mode (approximately 250 hours in transmit only or 50 hours in search only)
    • Power Supply – Three AAA alkaline batteries.
    • Max Range – 55 meters
    • Search Strip Width – 50 meters
    • Frequency – 457 kHz
    • Dimensions – 4.5" x 2.8" x 1.0"
    • Weight – 5.8 ounces / 165 g (including batteries)
    • Warranty – 5 Year Limited
  • Shovel Features
    • B-1 EXT Shovel – BCA's most popular shovel. Extendable and packable. Telescopic handle and unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, in 6061 T6 aluminum.
    • Blade Dimensions – 9.8 x 10" / 24.9 x 25.4 cm
    • Assembled Collapsed Length – 22" / 56 cm
    • Assembled Extended Length – 28.75"
    • Weight – 1.3 lbs (600 g)
  • Probe Features
    • Stealth 270 Probe – BCA's mainstream probe for the advanced recreationist.
    • Stealth Quick Lock – BCA's stealth Quick-Lock probes feature the fastest assembly on the market, with no loose cable to cause hangups. The top segment stealthfully nests inside the next probe section, reducing the number of segments and size of the probe bundle when disassembled in your pack.
    • Depth Markings – Measure snowpack and/or victim depth to determine the dimensions of the excavation area before shoveling.
    • Diameter – .51" (1.3 cm)
    • Weight – 10.9 oz (310 g)
    • Extended Length – 106" (270 cm)
    • Collapsed Length – 17.7" (45 cm)