Salomon S/Pro HV 130 Ski Boots Mens

Price reduced from $900.00 to $749.99
no. 499990577324 3002414

Salomon S/Pro HV 130 Ski Boots Mens

Price reduced from $900.00 to $749.99
Season: 21/22
no. 499990577324 3002414
Select Size: 28.5

Salomon S/Pro HV 130 Ski Boots Mens

Price reduced from $900.00 to $749.99
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Developed for skiers looking for all the performance and fit of an S/PRO boot but adapted to a wider morphology, this boot has been designed with an anatomic last of 102mm. The wider shell construction offers more room without compromising its high-performance and reactivity, and it's Gripwalk premounted for more safety grip & walking comfort.

Product Details
  • Inclusive instant fit - The Dual Sensifit insert provides easy step-in, while the 102 mm anatomic last and preshaped Seamless Liner provide more comfort and a better fit to accommodate wider feet.
  • Fully customizable - The Custom Shell HD and Coreframe 360° construction lets you customize the cuff, shell and liner so you can create the boot best fitted to your feet.
  • Performance - A combination of Salomon's high-performance Coreframe 360°, Sense Amplifier and Sense Strap technologies provide intense progressivity and rebound for precision at every turn.
  • Coreframe 360° - The Coreframe 360° brings lightness, enhances sensations and allows full customization possibilities. It is both shell and cuff inserts that guarantee the boot keeps its geometry and stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process.
  • Custom shell HD shell & cuff - The Custom Shell HD process on the shell and cuff aims to bring fast and complete personalization to your boots in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direct transmission.
  • Sense amplifier - The Sense Amplifier makes you feel progressivity and precision at the beginning of every turn while providing unmatched rebound effect, quicker edge to edge transfer and acceleration at the end of the turn.
  • Polyurethane + fiberglass coreframe + Custom Shell HD + dual sensifit insert - A material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity and power transmission. The Custom Shell HD makes personalization possible in just 10 minutes, the thinner wall construction and new materials bring your foot closer to the shell for increased sensations and more power, while the 2 softer PU inserts make step-in easier.
  • Seamless liner - This new, anatomically designed, pre-shaped liner without internal or external stitches improves comfort, precision and ensures a warmer fit.
  • Dual Sensifit Insert - The soft PU Sensifit™ inserts on both sides of the shell make it even easier to step in the boot, delivering an extremely easy step-in and anatomical wrapping of the instep.
  • Polyurethane + fiberglass coreframe + Custom Shell HD + Sense amplifier - This material enables perfect wrapping and power transmission. The Custom Shell HD makes personalization possible in 10 minutes, the thinner wall construction brings your foot closer to the shell. The Coreframe on the shell adds lightness, the cuff insert preserves the boot’s geometry and stiffness, while the Sense Amplifier offers more rebound.
  • My Custom Fit 3D seamless race - This new, anatomically designed, pre-shaped Race liner is built without any internal or external stitches, so it improves foothold, precision and ensures a snugger fit.
  • Sense 45mm - This 45mm thick strap holds the foot securely in place and optimizes power transmission.
  • Gripwalk premounted ISO 9523 - GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.
  • Full service - The screwable parts (buckles, toothplate, strap and oversized pivot) make dismantling the boot easy, granting easy access to all parts when specialists and bootfitters are working on customizing the fit.
  • 4 screwed aluminium - Four screwable buckles that are easy to remove for bootfitting and repair purposes.
  • Screwed oversized pivot - Screwed for maximum bootfitting options, the Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.
  • Flex adjuster - Depending on the snow conditions, the Flex Adjuster allows you to boost or smooth your flex.

Alpine Boot last - 102/108
Strap - SENSE 45MM
Weight - 1800 g
Flex - 130
Franchise - S/PRO HV
Norm - Gripwalk
Tech inserts - No
Techno - Seamless Liner, Coreframe, Custom Shell, Gripwalk
Width - Medium

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