Volkl Secret 96 Skis Womens

Price reduced from $825.00 to $699.99
no. 499990373223 3000262

Volkl Secret 96 Skis Womens

Price reduced from $825.00 to $699.99
Season: 21/22
no. 499990373223 3000262
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Volkl Secret 96 Skis Womens

Price reduced from $825.00 to $699.99
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3.7 out of 5 Customer Rating

Volkl Secret 96 Skis - Womens 21/22:

From Stacey W, one of our amazing product testers:

"Found them to be extremely nimble, secure and responsive, and best of all, really fun. Same DNA as the first generation of Secrets but another leap ahead."


My secret is my unbelievable versatility. Whether on-piste or off-piste, hard or soft snow, I do almost everything with you.
If you like short, quick turns or fast descents, I`m always the right choice. You think up a line and I follow.
My perfect partner should be a good to very good skier who knows how to use my high quality technologies and sporty character.

If this sounds like a good match, then take me home with you!

Our key new technology is called Tailored Titanal Frame. In contrast to the previous design, the width of the titanal frame is now adapted exactly to each individual ski length. This results in Tailored Titanal Frames, which are positioned above the sidewall along the tip and tail area of the ski to provide the desired damping and torsional stiffness. The size of the frames is tailored to the skier's height, skiing ability and power. This means that longer ski models have a higher titanal content for more stiffness, more direct power transmission and stronger dampening. The shorter the length, the lower the titanal content, which makes the ski more agile, so that smaller, lighter and less powerful skiers can use the full potential performance of the ski. In addition to the Tailored Titanal Frames, a second, thinner titanal layer is located in the binding area, which gives the ski the necessary strength, but also agility. The result: the Tailored Titanal Frame technology provides an incomparable combination of agility and high speed control.

One of our latest technologies is Tailored Fibre Placement. In this innovative manufacturing process the new Tailored Carbon Tips are produced by embroidering the individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material. This allows them to be positioned exactly along the stress lines, opening up completely new possibilities, for performance at the front of the ski, which has a decisive influence on the handling of the ski. The stiffness, torsion and thus the skiing characteristics can be specifically adjusted via the fiber thickness and millimeter-precise alignment. In this way, the fibers guide the dynamics to the areas of the ski where they are needed. The visibly integrated Tailored Carbon Tips are light, allow an agile shovel reaction with less effort and quickly build up energy. The Tailored Carbon Tips thus reach a new level of precision, direct tip response and active skiing pleasure.

Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all mountain skiing.

Usage of long radii at tip and tail for big turns and high speed:

  • Easy steering and maneuverability
  • Disruption resistant at the tip
  • No radius limitation and ease of turn exit

Usage of shorter radius in the center for short turns and lower speed:

  • Extremely easy to initiate short turns
  • Strikingly agile
  • Effortless and smooth in short turns
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