Elan Wingman 86 CTi Skis

Elan Wingman 86 CTi Skis

Barcode: 3003254
Style ID: 3003254
Season: 21/22
Barcode: 3003254
Style ID: 3003254
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Elan Wingman 86 CTi Skis

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5 out of 5 Customer Rating


The Wingman 86 CTi Skis are the most comprehensive and adaptable of the Wingman products, and it will have you flying at a higher level from the start. The Wingman 86 CTi is a terrific carving ski that doesn't require World Cup fitness or commitment. It has a proven Amphibio rocker profile that gives edge grip and smooth turn initiation, as well as the wetness and power of a Titanal lamination.

Rocker Type
Early Rise Rocker – Early rise rocker provides smooth and effortless turns thanks to a moderate amount of rocker incorporated into the tip of the ski.

Amphibio Profile – Amphibio technology integrates rocker (outside edge) and camber (inside edge) into dedicated left and right skis. The cambered inside edge assures precision and edge grip, while the rockered outside edge provides forgiveness, turning ease and smooth edge-to-edge transitions.

Tubelite Woodcore – Two lightweight carbon tubes are insertedinto a laminated wood core, running the length of the ski and following the arc of the sidecut. These provide torsional stability and powerful rebound and allow the use of a thinner core.

Amphibio TruLIne Technology – Amphibio Truline elevates the asymmetrical ski design to the next dimension by strategically locating materials over the edges of the skis. Structural material is placed over the full length of the inside ski edge, providing more stability to power the turn - while less material is applied over the outside edge, resulting in a smooth and easy perfect turn.

Mono Ti Reinforcement – A single layer of Titanal is laminated next to the core for increased performance.

Carbon Rods Reinforcement – Provide lightweight response and stability

SST Construction – Asymmetric sidewall construction works in concert with the Amphibio shape

Sintered Base

  • Terrain: Carving, All-Mountain
  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
  • Turning Radius: Short
  • Core/Laminates: Carbon, Metal, Wood
  • Tail Type: Flat
  • DIN: Release Value Low: 4
  • DIN / Release Value High: 12
  • Warranty: 2 Years

2021 - 22 DEMO REVIEW

Name: Harvey
Ski Style: Carver

On a scale of 1-5:
Not Great (1) vs. Awesome (5) - 4

Who is this ski best for?

Once you get these lime green sticks moving, the love to turn and hug the ground. Not going to win you any awards in the bumps but will have you pushing past those yellow jackets at a rate of speed that just might make them notice more than the color of your skis.

Name: Parker
Ski Style: Powder Hunter

On a scale of 1-5:
Not Great (1) vs. Awesome (5) - 4

Who is this ski best for?
Intermediate - Advanced

Coming back unchanged from last year the wingman is just as I remembered it. Appropriately named these skis make you feel like a pilot banking turns in a fighter jet. Make sure your ready because these skis are bound to push your speed limit. 


Size (cm) 172 178 184
Tip Width (mm) 130 130 130
Waist Width (mm) 86 86 86
Tail Width (mm) 115 115 115
Turning Radius (m) 15.6 16.5 17.4