Revo Bode 3 Goggles + Photochromic Blue Water Lens

Revo Bode 3 Goggles + Photochromic Blue Water Lens

Barcode: 1040782
Style ID: 1040782
Barcode: 1040782
Style ID: 1040782
Color Selected: WHITE

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Revo Bode 3 Goggles + Photochromic Blue Water Lens

Color Selected: WHITE


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4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating


Make a statement on the slopes with Revo x Bode Miller No. 3. The frameless design offers optimal peripheral vision while  Revo’s signature SuperNova+ photochromic lens technology automatically adjusts to shifting light conditions. Anti-slip silicone beads keep the adjustable strap comfortably in place while the FlowPro air flow tech keep lenses fog-free in all conditions. Bode Miller tested and approved.

"When you're racing at 80mph, vision is key. My blue eyes are super sensitive to light. With Revo, we're building the next generation of sunglass and goggle lens technology." - Bode Miller

Product Details
  • Revo SuperNova+ Goggle Lens Technology
    • Automatically adjusts to changing light conditions to ensure optimum visibility and safety
  • FLOWPRO Anti-fog Technology
    • Optimal airflow inside and out
  • LIMITLESS+ Peripheral Vision Technology
    • An unrivaled field of vision as far as you can see
  • Temperature Stability
    • Performance will not vary due to low temperatures
  • Revo Light Management System™
    • Filters harmful UV, HEV, and Blue Light
  • Digital Device-friendly
    • Reduces glare and enhances clarity of digital screens


Sizing - Large fit