Ronix Volcom Conductor Wakesurf Board

Ronix Volcom Conductor Wakesurf Board

Barcode: 8100695
Style ID: 8100695
Barcode: 8100695
Style ID: 8100695
Color Selected: NO COLOR
$799.99 $399.99 (50% off)
$799.99 $399.99 (50% off)
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Ronix Volcom Conductor Wakesurf Board

$799.99 $399.99
Color Selected: NO COLOR


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The Conductor is the first of its kind that has the ability to generate speed and then maintain it in a more controlled manner. So you can spend less time worrying about where you are in relation to the peak of the wave, and more time thinking about your next maneuver. The Conductor rides higher and smoother through the water for a floaty feel inspired by our favorite saltwater deck. Since ‘91 when we first heard there was a new stone being washed ashore, we have been so inspired by the creative thinking of Volcom. No brand has had more influence over action sports in the past 3 decades, which is why we are so honored to debut this collaboration.

  • Construction and Materials
    • Magnaplasm
    • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin – A high temperature resin used on all Ronix surfers, built to withstand Mother Nature’s extreme heat.
    • Handmade by Robots – Every surfer Ronix makes removes human error. All cores are machined to exact specifications.
  • Shape
    • Standard Thickness – Added top water speed with increased buoyancy for a rider that wants a traditional surf feel in the waterline.
    • Surf – Traditional surf shapes have a thicker profile and a mellower rail/bevel allowing a rider to pivot a turn more from their back foot and are best ridden with either a deeper fin, or multiple fins. Riders usually apply more pressure on the back half of the board and generate more force through a turn. Still very capable of doing tricks on and off the water – just with a fluid like feel.
  • Rails/Edges
    • Blended – Accelerated turns combined with a Sunday afternoon cruise
  • Fins
    • 1 Epoxy 3” Fin
    • 2 Epoxy Asymmetric 3.5” Fins
    • Floating Fins
    • Fin-S System – Easily change your fin setup in just seconds to dial in the performance of your wakesurf board. Using proven Spring Lock Technology, with an intuitive 2-stage engagement and removal for the most secure, lightweight setup available.
    • Box-in-a-box – With Box-In-a-Box every fin plug is set to the exact depth of each board. Perfect fit and cleanliness every time. Might not seem like much - but the last thing you want is a floating fin plug
  • Additional Features
    • Do Not Store in Boat Board Racks – evo does not recommend storing your wakesurfer in boat board racks. Many wakesurf boards are fragile and can be easily damaged by these racks, which is not covered under manufacturer warranty.
    • Vents – Hate to break it to you but even surfers get a little gassy. No worries though, when your favorite deck is acting up, Ronix have an exit strategy for that unwanted discharge.
    • Machined EVA – High performance EVA built to withstand years of swells with as much traction as you can get out of foam. Most of these boards come with an arch support for your back foot, concave on your front foot for greater response, and an extra tall kicktail for added leverage.
    • Front & Rear Wax Mat Cush Pads


Ability Level - Intermediate-Advanced

Board Style - Surf

Core Material - Foam

Fins - 3

Warranty - 1 Year