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Since 1923 Völkl has stood for unlimited passion for skiing and making high performance products. Here, high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, highest quality, and technologically advanced skis in the world. Our team of engineers, experienced craftsmen, tinkerers, and testers-as well as numerous top athletes and uncounted victories-have made Völkl one of the biggest ski brands in the world.

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20 Results

Ice Off Topsheet

 The next step in weight reduction, ICE.OFF represents the latest topsheet technology in touring skis. Its unique 3D surface structure and material composition avoid icing, causing snow to simply slide off the topsheet. This leads to a drastic reduction - up to 20 to 30 percent of the weight during use. In addition, white colorations add to the anti-icing effect. Lighter skis prevent fatigue and offer enhanced performance on long, steep ascents. // unique surface structure avoids icing // effective eight reduction (app. 20 to 30%)


UVO is the first freely rotating, 360° vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology in order to minimize disruptive ski vibration. 

The terrain below the ski inevitably generates vibrations, which in turn set the shovel into motion. This significantly disrupts the smoothness of the ski-ride, and makes it harder to hold an edge. The revolutionary UVO technology works against this, through proven dampening in the form of reduced vibrations in the horizontal and vertical directions as well as along the length of the ski.