Goode Pure Carbon Ski Poles

Price reduced from $120.00 to $48.97
no. 9110802 9110802

Goode Pure Carbon Ski Poles

Price reduced from $120.00 to $48.97
Season: 17/18
no. 9110802 9110802
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Goode Pure Carbon Ski Poles

Price reduced from $120.00 to $48.97
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3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Just about the highest shock absorption, lightest weight, and sleekest look can all be found in Goode's Pure Carbon Pole. As indicated by the name, this is a pure Carbon Fiber pole, not just any Carbon Fiber but Goode Patented Carbon, so you know its good. This 10.4mm diameter carbon fiber ski pole is damn near unbreakable, and lighter than (almost) anything else on the market. If you're a serious skier that uses serious equipment, these are the serious ski poles.

Product Details
  • Taper Shaft - The shaft of this pole starts at the grip with a diameter of 12.7mm, then tapers down to the tip of a diameter of 10.4mm. This provides a stiffer flex and greater strength than the non-tapered 10.4mm poles, and adds only a slight amount of weight.
  • Ice Breaker Tip - A sharp, yet durable tip doesn't slip on firm snow to get solid plants for turning and pushing along the flats. Keep in mind that they are sharp, so use caution during pole jousting matches.
  • Rubberized Grip - Pads of softer rubber ensure a solid interface between a pair of gloves and the pole handle.
  • Ultra Thin 10.4mm Diameter - Ultra Thin 10.4mm diameter: Almost pencil thin, this shaft reduces aerodynamic drag, and has natural shock absorption to take the edge off when skiing ice, not to mention that this pole is incredibly light!
  • Interchangeable Baskets - These poles do not come with wider baskets, but they are compatible with any Goode pole basket from the last few years, so if you have powder baskets on an older set of Goodes, you can re-use them with these poles!
  • Adjustable Nylon Strap - A nylon strap with easy adjustment ensures the poles don't get away from you after jumping off that big cliff on the backside of the mountain. Or with some imagination, they can help you carry a pair of skis.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction - Carbon fiber's strength to weight ratio makes this material highly desirable for gear heads, but is quite functional in the skiing world. These poles have a very low swingweight, have excellent shock absorption, and are super strong.
  • PHA Grip - Stands for Precision Height Adjustment, and gives the skier the chance to dial the grip to the exact height needed for the conditions or the skier's preference. It will allow for a 3'' adjustment below the size listed.
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