Goode Super-Max Classic Ski Poles

Goode Super-Max Classic Ski Poles

Barcode: 8103071
Style ID: 8103071
Season: 24/25
Barcode: 8103071
Style ID: 8103071
Color Selected: MULTI SILVER
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Goode Super-Max Classic Ski Poles

$61.95 $49.56
Color Selected: MULTI SILVER


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Super-Max Classic Ski Pole by Goode.

  • Firm yet flexible shafts are easy on the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders, with less "kick back" and better balance, thanks to carbon's natural shock-absorption properties
  • Up to 6 times stronger and 30% lighter than alloy poles, pure carbon composite poles have excellent feel and balance; plus, they don't bend, and they're more durable
  • Patented "pencil" shaft design features a consistent 12.7mm diameter from top to bottom for better balance and feel
  • Ergonomic grips are comfortable and easy to hold in all temperatures and conditions; grips are balanced to help deliver ideal swing weight


Shaft - Patented Pure Composite Fiber
Diameter - 12.7mm
Style - Pencil (No Taper)
Shock Absorption - Highest
Grip Style - Dual Density Grip
Wrist strap - Woven Nylon/Buckle
Basket Styles - Tri Disc Baskets
Weight - 650 g/pair
Swing Weight - Medium