K2 Recon 120 BOA Ski Boots Mens

K2 Recon 120 BOA Ski Boots Mens

Barcode: 1046546
Style ID: 1046546
Season: 24/25
Barcode: 1046546
Style ID: 1046546
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K2 Recon 120 BOA Ski Boots Mens

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All new to the K2 collection, the Recon 120 BOA® still maintains a stiffer fit, paired with innovative BOA® technology. With a better wrap and micro adjustability these boots are more responsive than ever.

Outfitted with an ultra-light Powerlite Shell and mid-volume fit, the Recon 120 BOA® are perfect for skiers that want more versatility off piste and some forgivability in the chop, powder and tight tree lines.

  • BOA Fit System
    • The BOA® Fit System, provides a performance fit engineered to enhance feel, and responsiveness while reducing pressure points by incrementally modulating the Alpine boot closure with precise micro-adjustments.
  • H+11 Dial
    • Provides micro-adjustable, precision fit and quick release, with quality and durability guaranteed. The BOA dial platform features a breakaway design engineered to eject the dial cartridge upon severe impact without damaging the system, allowing skiers to pop the dial back into the bayonet midmountain. In the unlikely event that the system is broken, it can be easily repaired and replaced.
  • BOA® Fit System: Dialed In
    • Precision fit with on-the-fly tightening and loosening for enhanced responsiveness, optimized pressure distribution, and reduced pressure points.
  • BOA® Fit System: Locked In
    • Connected fit designed to uniformly wrap the foot and minimize downward pressure, increasing heel lock-down for improved power and edge-to-edge control.
  • BOA® Fit System: Confident
    • Engineered for confidence and built to withstand rugged terrain and inclement weather, BOA® dials and laces deliver extreme durability. Bayonet and cartridge system ensures continued operation, even after heavy impacts.
  • MultiFit Last
    • The MultiFit™ Last was developed in conjunction with the BOA® Fit System to accommodate a variety of foot shapes ranging from 97mm to 100mm out of the box (and up to 104MM* with heat molding).
  • FastFit Instep
    • Softer TPU material is used in the instep area of select models' shells for quick and easy entry and exit.
  • PowerLite Shell
    • K2's highest-performance shell design, utilizing shell walls of varying thicknesses and four different types of TPU to provide the ultimate combination of light weight and responsiveness.
  • Powerfuse Spyne
    • A rear co-injected “Y” shaped support that adds strength and power to the Energy Interlock in order to maximize fore/aft flex efficiency and lateral stiffness for responsiveness in every type of terrain.
  • Fully Heat Moldable
    • Both the boot's shell and cuff are capable of being heat-molded to a variety of foot shapes for a true custom fit.
  • Grip Walk Outsoles
    • Removable and interchangeable ISO 23223 alpine rockered soles collaboratively designed to work with Marker’s Grip Walk binding system for better grip and added comfort when walking and standing in boots, but doesn’t compromise the power transmission and release function between the boot and binding when skiing. Preinstalled.
  • Honeycomb Boot Board
    • Stay Warmer, Longer. Traps heat and insulates like a down jacket. Retains heat 15% better than traditional boot board. Boot-fitter friendly
  • Energy Interlock
    • A rivet-free technology that integrates the cuff and shell, putting less stress on the boot’s material and produces a smoother, progressive flex.
  • PrecisionFit Pro
    • Pre-molded and Lasted with Ultralon heat moldable foams. Features an asymmetric tongue, pre molded ankle pockets and a high density power collar for a firm but comfortable performance fit.
  • Non-Elastic CAM Strap - One Piece
    • Increases performance and responsiveness by cinching tighter than a traditional power strap resulting in exceptional power transmission and precise handling.
  • GripWalk
    • The sole-binding system for better walking comfort and top skiing performance. GripWalk contains of a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. Still, integrated pads made of stiff and rigid materials, enable great power transmission and more precise release function of the binding. GripWalk soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for selected premium ski boots and bindings.
  • Trust A Professional
    • Before using your new boots, you must have an authorized K2 Ski retailer check your boot, binding, and sole setup. K2 Ski boot soles must only be changed by an authorized retailer.


Use For - Freeride, Big Mountain, Freestyle, Powder, Park  & Rails, Piste, Speed, Moguls
Flex - 120
Last - Multi MV 97 - 100mm
Product Weight - 1766g size 26.5