Lange LX 120 HV GW Ski Boots

Lange LX 120 HV GW Ski Boots

Barcode: 8101263
Style ID: 8101263
Season: 23/24
Barcode: 8101263
Style ID: 8101263
Color Selected: GRAY
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Lange LX 120 HV GW Ski Boots

$579.95 $347.97
Color Selected: GRAY


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Lange's legendary performance concentrated in a more comfortable, wider boot. Based on the "choose your fit" concept, the new LX 120 HV GW ski / all mountain boot now offers a new width of 102 mm at the front of the foot.
If you have wide feet and are looking for high performance in a comfortable ski boot, then the LX is the right choice for you. The combination of Lange's legendary performance and a wider fit, coupled with even easier foot entry and exit, ensures you stay comfortable all day long. Our innovative, lightweight Dual Core construction guarantees efficiency, power and precision to make you one with your boot. Mounted on a Gripwalk sole and with a screw added in the shell, it offers more performance and equals the level of the RX boot. Don't hesitate to thermoform your liners to obtain the best possible match for your feet.

  • FIT - 102 -Wide
    • The Fit of the boot (or last) is the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsal (widest part of the forefoot). It determines the level of control and precision of the skier. For a good ratio between comfort and control, choose a boot that matches the overall volume and length of your foot. Fit between 92-95 mm: Narrow, Fit between 97-99 mm: Medium, Fit between 100-102 mm: Comfort
  • FLEX - 120 - Stiffer
    • The “flex” of a boot indicates the level of support that boot will deliver. The greater (stiffer) the flex index, the more rigid and reactive the boot will be. The lesser (softer) the flex index, the more tolerant and comfortable.
  • LEVEL - 120 - Advanced
    • Choose the boots which offers the best ratio between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we recommend a flexible flex (<80) and for an expert skier we recommend a higher flex (>90).
  • Weight - 1860g size 26.5
  • Available sizes - 240 / 245 / 250 / 255 / 260 / 265 / 270 / 275 / 280 / 285 / 290 / 295 / 300 / 305 / 310 / 315


Shell material - Polyurethane
Shell technology - DUAL CORE
Shell bootboard - PLASTIC
Shell specifications - Soft plastic so that the foot can slide in easily
Cuff material - Lyfran
Liner technology - Dual 3D Pro
Liner additional functions - Customisable Core Custom 2
Liner power strap - 45 mm
Liner type - Customisable Core Custom 2
Additional features - Specially designed "sport" soles
Buckles technology - Alu Race
Buckles material - Alu
Soles specifications - GRIPWALK® SOLES
Soles Features - Gripwalk®
Canting - External canting