Leki Detect S Trig S Ski Poles

Leki Detect S Trig S Ski Poles

Barcode: 8107528
Style ID: 8107528
Season: 24/25
Barcode: 8107528
Style ID: 8107528
Color Selected: MULTI BLACK
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Leki Detect S Trig S Ski Poles

$99.95 $79.96
Color Selected: MULTI BLACK


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The DETECT S, the latest addition to LEKI's Freeride line of ski poles, is designed to impress and satisfy any skier. These high-quality alpine poles are built to last and are constructed from durable, lightweight, high-strength Aluminum. The DETECT S is the all-mountain tool that will take you from the powder to the groomers and everywhere in between. The DETECT S provides the perfect balance between strength and weight. Equipped with the innovative Trigger S ProG Grip and Frame Strap, these ski poles offer unparalleled precision control and a responsive feel on the slopes. The slim grip design with a soft, tacky rubber texture ensures optimal comfort and confidence without adding bulk. Additionally, the DETECT S comes with two interchangeable baskets, allowing you to adapt and explore the mountain in various snow conditions.


Gender - Unisex

Construction - Fixed length

Sizerun - 110 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)

Weight - 222 g , 232 g , 241 g , 250 g , 260 g , 269 g , 223 g , 233 g , 242 g , 251 g , 261 g , 270 g

Grip-Strap System - Trigger System

Grip - Trigger S ProG

Grip size - Standard

Strap - Trigger Frame Strap Mesh

Strap size - One size

Number of segments - 1

Shaft Diameter - 16 mm

Shaft Material - Aluminum (HTS 6.0)

Basket - Cobra Alpine

Exchange Basket - Big Mountain

Tip - Steel Tip (inside shaft)

Tip Spike - Carbide

Unit - Pair