Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles

Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles

Barcode: 8108309
Style ID: 8108309
Barcode: 8108309
Style ID: 8108309
Color Selected: BERRY

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Leki Spitfire 3D Ski Poles

Color Selected: BERRY


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The SPITFIRE 3D is the pinnacle of LEKI's commitment to innovation and performance in Freeride ski poles. Built upon the legacy of its predecessor, this alpine ski pole is the hand-down favorite of LEKI Freeride athletes. The Spitfire line features LEKI's cutting-edge TRIGGER 3D ProG grip. This grip boasts an ingenious multi-directional 220° release mechanism that significantly expands the release range, instilling skiers with enhanced confidence and security whether you are chasing untracked powder, banging bumps, or dabbling in the sidecountry. The Trigger 3D system, equipped with LEKI's Mesh Frame Strap, offers unrivaled comfort and control, enabling a close grip regardless of the type of glove or mitten worn. When paired with LEKI gloves and mittens, you can click directly into the pole without the need for a strap.

  • Grips
    • Trigger 3D ProG: A slim profile design with a soft, tacky construction provides the ultimate gripping power even when wet. Trigger 3D offers a 220° release range providing exceptional security.
  • Straps
    • Trigger Frame Strap Mesh: Lightweight and breathable strap with a wide support area for effective power transfer directly to the Trigger grip system.
  • Shaft Materials
    • Aluminum: Lightweight Aluminum shafts are robust and very durable.
  • Baskets
    • Cobra Basket: Ideal basket for firmer snow conditions and groomed skiing. Easy tool-free basket replacement.
    • Big Mountain Basket: This larger basket is ideal for powder days or in variable snow conditions when you don't want your pole to sink deep. Easy tool-free basket replacement.
  • Tips
    • Carbide Tip: More precise pole grip on snow and ice.


Gender - Unisex

Construction - Fixed length

Sizerun - 95 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)

Weight - 231 g , 237 g , 243 g , 250 g , 256 g , 262 g , 269 g , 275 g

Grip-Strap System - Trigger System

Grip - Trigger 3D ProG

Grip size - Standard

Strap - Trigger Frame Strap Mesh

Strap size - One size

Number of segments - 1

Shaft Diameter - 16 mm

Shaft Material - Aluminum (HTS 6.5)

Basket - Cobra Alpine

Exchange Basket - Big Mountain

Tip - Steel Tip (inside shaft)

Tip Spike - Carbide

Unit - Pair