Mammut Alugator Pro Light Shovel

Mammut Alugator Pro Light Shovel

Barcode: 499993277436
Style ID: 1034800
Barcode: 499993277436
Style ID: 1034800
Color Selected: ORANGE
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Mammut Alugator Pro Light Shovel

Color Selected: ORANGE
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3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating


In the lifetime of an avalanche shovel, how many times will it be used to uncover a buried person? Hopefully, if you take the proper precautions and have a bit of good luck, never. Ideally, this shovel will be used for more mundane tasks, like digging your stuck car out of a snowbank, building a sick jump, or scooping the occasional doggie surprise. However, if misfortune (or poor decision making) does lead to an encounter with the avalanche monster, the Mammut Alugator Pro Light is the shovel you want in hand. With a functional T-hand grip, a sturdy shaft, and a solid and wide blade, you'll be able to move all the snow you need. A flat-backed blade cuts straight and clean snow pits, while the lightweight anodized aluminum Mammut used to make this shovel is light enough for functional backcountry travel. Don't compromise when it comes to your avalanche rescue gear-- solid, functional equipment makes a world of difference when lives are on the line. The Mammut Alugator Pro Light shovel won't let you down, whether you're scooping surprises or performing a real-time rescue.

Product Details
  • Construction
    • Hardened, Anodized Aluminum Shovel Blade
    • Oval Telescopic Shaft
  • Dimensions
    • Blade Length – 27.5 cm
    • Blade Width – 24 cm
    • Shaft Length (Collapsed) – 44 cm
    • Collapsed Length – 61 cm
    • Extended Length – 86 cm
  • Features
    • Attachment Holes for Snow Anchor and Rescue Sled
    • Sharpened, Tilt-Resistant Blade with Integrated Steps
    • Stabilization Ribs
    • Ergonomically Shaped T-grip for Efficient Transfer of Strength
    • Automatic Zipper Locking for Quick, Precise Guidance During Assembly
    • Space-saving Blade Design


Material - Aluminum
Weight (g) - 645
Warranty - Limited Lifetime