Marker Alpinist 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

Marker Alpinist 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

Barcode: 499989503778
Style ID: 8101842
Season: 24/25
Barcode: 499989503778
Style ID: 8101842
Color Selected: BLACK
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Marker Alpinist 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

$549.99 $439.99
Color Selected: BLACK


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The ultra-light Alpinist pin binding (270 g not including brake) offers everything experienced touring skiers need. Its construction allows active length compensation without affecting the ski’s flex. A very stiff, ISI front makes the binding easier to step into, as a wide footprint with integrated stop automatically positions and aligns your boot. Kinematically optimised pin levers then allow the pins to snap shut with just a gentle push. The heel features 0°, 5° and 9° climbing aids and can be switched quickly and easily from ascent to descent mode. A 38 mm wide hole pattern transfers power brilliantly to the edges, which means control and great steering.

  • Toe
    • ISI Toe Piece – The new "Intuitive Step In" tech toepiece features a rubber stop pad and a wider step-in platform with easier step-in than previous models.
    • Anti Ice Pads – Anti Ice Pads in the base of toe to prevent icing in critical areas.
  • Heel
    • Alpinist Heel – Alpinist heel with adjustable lateral release with different DIN options and 15mm of heel adjustment range (+-7,5mm). Offers three walking modes thanks to the hot forged aluminum climbing aid. The “Fast Shift Mode” enables quick shifting between neutral and highest walking mode.
    • Active Length Compensation – Active length compensation in the heel allowing the heel to move back up to 4 mm when the ski is flexed.
  • Tour Mode
    • Alpinist Climbing Aids – Neutral walking mode and two climbing aids offering 5° and 9°. The fast shift mode enables quick shifting between 0° and 9° without the need to rotate the heel.
  • Boot Compatibility
    • Tech Inserts Required
    • Length Adjustment – Alpinist heel offers a 15mm heel adjustment range (from -7.5mm to +7,5 mm).
  • Additional Features
    • Compatible with Kingpin / Alpinist Crampons
    • Recommended Skier Weight – Max. 242 lbs. (110 kg)
  • Ski Compatibility
    • We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


Type - Tech

Length - Any

Ability Level - Advanced-Expert

DIN / Release Value Low - 6

DIN / Release Value High - 12

Boot Sole Type - Tech

Warranty - 3 Years