Marker Confidant MIPS Helmet

Marker Confidant MIPS Helmet

Barcode: 8108173
Style ID: 8108173
Barcode: 8108173
Style ID: 8108173
Color Selected: MAROON
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Marker Confidant MIPS Helmet

$149.99 $119.99
Color Selected: MAROON


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Designed with everybody in mind, this helmet incorporates years of user testing feedback to it's every aspect. While the materials and features used in the Confidant are nothing new to the market, the attention to detail regarding comfort and style set a new benchmark for this price segment. The 360° completely closes around the head, providing the user with a secure 'in-place' feeling that also is a new standard for comfort. With the removable SoGnar Earpads, your ears will stay comfy and warm, whether the user is wearing earbuds or not. This helmet exemplifies the best in the market regarding weight, style, comfort and affordability.

  • Air Jam Climate Control
    • The AIR JAM CLIMATE CONTROL allows for regulation of the air flow using a waterproof, folding interior lining. When the openings are closed, they provide a warm and dry air cushion that is especially helpful in keeping the head from getting chilled on cold days. On warm days the vents can be unblocked to generate maximum airflow within MarkAIR Channel Ventilation System.
  • Edge Protection
    • All MARKER IN-MOLD and HYBRID SHELL helmets have an additional polycarbonate plate on their lower edge for extra protection in the event of a side impact. This also protects the helmet against dings and dents during transport or daily usage. The various models come with 180°, 270° or 360° EDGE PROTECTION.
  • XDry Performance Lining
    • Technical performance lining that ensures optimal thermal efficiency. The textured material insulates against cold and, in the event of excess heat, the air is transported to the exterior. Beyond this, moisture is wicked outwards to prevent excessive sweating. Features: quickly removable and hand-washable in lukewarm water.
  • Sognar Removable Earpads
    • 3D-modeled, pressure-free ear cushions that allow different configurations depending on comfort and style preference, head shape and use of glasses or sunglasses. Each configuration offers significantly better hearing than before. Of course, the SoGnar ear pads can also be removed completely.


Construction - In-mold
Certifications - CE-EN-1077-2007-Class-B
Protection - In-Mold PC shell, EPS Edge Protection
Comfort - Removable SoGnar Earpad & Liner, Normal X-Dry, 360° Fit