Nordica Unlimited 95 DYN Ski Boots Womens

Nordica Unlimited 95 DYN Ski Boots Womens

Barcode: 8106919
Style ID: 8106919
Season: 23/24
Barcode: 8106919
Style ID: 8106919
Color Selected: GREEN
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Nordica Unlimited 95 DYN Ski Boots Womens

$749.99 $524.99
Color Selected: GREEN


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Life is an adventure–and Nordica’s Unlimited 95 W DYN knows how to make the most of it. Whether you’re exploring the resort with friends, deep into an all-day tour, or enjoying a quick dawn patrol with friends, it shares your passion. Designed to provide exceptional performance on both the approach and the descent, the Unlimited 95 W DYN sets a new standard in all-mountain touring boots. Rather than classical bales, the boot showcases a streamlined wire closure system that cradles your foot to create a precise fit that boosts comfort and control. And when it’s time to hike, skin, or just loosen your boots, you can simply undo the quick-release power strap and flip the toe buckle to release the closure system for greater comfort and mobility. The Unlimited’s reimagined cuff features a softer plastic to securely wrap your foot while a super stiff spine maximizes the transmission of power to boost your confidence. For improved comfort and efficiency, the boot’s ski-walk mechanism offers a remarkable 65 degree range of motion. And to better meet your needs and enhance control, you can easily adjust the boot’s forward lean. A 3D Corkfit PrimaLoft Light liner provides all-day comfort and exceptional performance while skiing. The boot’s versatile sole features DYN inserts and is compatible with GripWalk binding systems. And thanks to its screw-on design, this sole can easily be replaced to maximize longevity. Pursue your passion–and live your best life–with Nordica’s Unlimited 95 W DYN

  • Size Range - 22.5 - 27.5
  • Soles - Gripwalk PU + soles Dynafit® inserts
  • Shell - PA
  • Cuff - Trimat Triax
  • Liner - 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft® Light
  • Buckles - 2 Micro Mg Lt;Wire System Closure


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