Rossignol Hi-Speed Pro 120 MV GW Ski Boots Mens

Rossignol Hi-Speed Pro 120 MV GW Ski Boots Mens

Barcode: 1041008
Style ID: 1041008
Season: 23/24
Barcode: 1041008
Style ID: 1041008
Color Selected: BLACK
$749.95 $599.96 (20% off)
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Rossignol Hi-Speed Pro 120 MV GW Ski Boots Mens

$749.95 $599.96
Color Selected: BLACK


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Personalized performance. Custom comfort. Designed to be yours. HI-SPEED is the all-new high performance ski boot from Rossignol. Featuring the latest innovations in ski boot design and limitless possibilities for personalization, HI-SPEED can be configured to accommodate the most demanding skiers to deliver an instant fit coupled with explosive precision and performance. Our unique Generative Design shell melds with Dual Core technology to offer the "right weight" while creating targeted power distribution. Available in 97mm (LV), 100 (MV), and 102mm (HV) lasts with our new 5 Zone Pre-Shaped Full Custom liners, every skier and foot shape can access ski boot fit and performance perfectly tailored to meet their needs.

Product Details
  • Generate Design Structure
    • Our progressive data-driven design approach harnesses the power of generative design to create the ideal boot shape. Focused on minimizing shell wall thickness for reduced weight while simultaneously enhancing power and support, our new GENERATIVE DESIGN STRUCTURE offers the most effective blend of both.
  • Flex Adjustment
    • FLEX ADJUSTMENT allows a larger flex range for customized power, performance, and comfort via a simple rear spine screw adjustment.
  • Dual Core Technology
    • Our new "power injection" method allows the simultaneous injection of two different durometers of plastic at the exact same time. This unique
  • Forward Lean Adjustment
    • Access personalized power, balance, and support with FORWARD LEAN ADJUSTMENT. Adjust from 10.6 to 12.6 degrees for up to 6mm of increased forward lean and rearward support.
  • 5-Zone Pre-Shaped Liner
    • Our 5 ZONE PRESHAPED LINER offers our most accurate and comfortable custom fit yet. More adaptive zones targeted at the 1st and 5th metatarsals, navicular and ankles are complimented by more structured zones which surround them in order to better hold and amplify a precise customized fit for the perfect balance of all day comfort and high performance power transmission. 
  • Asymetrical Dual Core Cuff
    • We've taken our Dual Core technology another step further. Our new ASYMMETRICAL DUAL CORE CUFF more specifically targets softer plastic to areas that wrap the lower leg and harder plastic to areas that offer support and power transmission for optimized rebound and response.


Weight - 2,010 kg/half pair (size 26,5)

  • Flex Index - 120
  • Last - 100
  • Cuff Material - Polyurethane
  • Specifications - Forward lean + Flex adjustment


  • Technology - Generative design structure
  • Material - Polyether
  • Bootboard - PU
  • Specifications - Dual Core


  • Buckle Technology - Flat Buckles
  • Buckles Material - 100% Aluminium
  • Buckles Adjustment - 4 Micro
  • Additional Functions - Adjustable Teeth 3 Positions


  • Liner Technology - Pre-Shape Liner - Full Custom
  • Thermal Insulation - Forefoot Thinsulate® Stretch
  • Powerstrap Width (mm) - 40mm


  • Properties - Premounted Gripwalk