Sweet Protection Durden RIG Goggles + Malaia Reflect Lens

Sweet Protection Durden RIG Goggles + Malaia Reflect Lens

Barcode: 499988452480
Style ID: 8109553
Barcode: 499988452480
Style ID: 8109553
Color Selected: PURPLE
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Sweet Protection Durden RIG Goggles + Malaia Reflect Lens

$150.00 $90.00
Color Selected: PURPLE


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The Durden RIG® Reflect Goggle combines a retro-inspired frame with a modern take, all while providing a maximum field of vision. It is a fairly large goggle with a 1.3 mm thick cylindrical lens, which gives the goggle a sleek, low-profile expression. This model includes our unique proprietary RIG® lens technology. The strap is mounted on the outside of the frame, making sure you will get the best possible fit with your helmet. Vent foam is laminated on the inside of the frame which makes it extremely durable. You can easily change lenses, as there is a hook interface on the bottom part of the lens.

All goggles are available with our revolutionary RIG® lens technology, developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.

Product Details
  • RIG Lens Technology - We have developed our own revolutionary lens technology in RIG - Retina Illumination Grading. It gives superior contrast, enhancing your vision with minimum color distortion, even in the most challenging conditions. Plus RIG reduces eye fatigue, so there's nothing to limit you seeing and going big all day long.
  • Cylindrical Lens - A cylindrical lens is curved horizontally which allows the lens to be thinner and more flexible with less weight. They are known to give a sleek low-profile look.
  • Lens Change Possibilities - Make sure you're covered for all conditions with an arsenal of lenses. This goggle lets you change lenses as fast as Mother Nature changes her mind about the weather.
  • Super Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Coating - Super Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Coating is a protective layer on the lenses that prevents water, dirt, and grime from adhering, making them easy to maintain cleanliness.


Weight: 193g

Frame: Panther

Strap: Panther Fade

Lens: RIG® Malaia

Designed for:
Ski / Snowboard
All mountain