Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS Helmet

Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS Helmet

Barcode: 3003046
Style ID: 3003046
Barcode: 3003046
Style ID: 3003046
Color Selected: NATURAL

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Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS Helmet

Color Selected: NATURAL


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The Grimnir helmet is the most advanced freeride helmet on the market, and Terje Haakonsen’s Pro Model. Legendary rider meets legendary performance. Only the best materials and production technologies are used when making this helmet. This helmet is a pre-preg carbon fiber beast, impact tested and certified with POV cameras on the helmet. The liner is perfecty tuned to the carbon fiber shell utilizing our unique Impact Shields technology for optimal protection performance. The Grimnir uses the Performance Interior with a magnetic chin buckle making it easy to fasten, even wearing mittens or gloves. The Turn-Dial adjustment increases the adjustment span and is super easy to operate. The helmet is Audio Ready, and our Audio Chips can be bought as additional gear. This model is also equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain.

  • The most advanced freeride helmet on the market.
  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • Reinforced to cope with the extra energy from POV cameras. POV attachment inserts included
  • Impact Shields; our premium impact protection technology distributing impacts from the inside over a larger area in crucial zones
  • Comfortable interior, with easy turn-dial adjustment
  • Magnetic buckle for safety and easy operation
  • Listen to your favorite music with our Audio Ready system (Sound Chips are sold separately!)
  • Removable earpads
  • Equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain

Product Details

CRP Shell Technology – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell provides an incredible strength to weight ratio, rigidity and impact performance. By carefully laminating fibers with different properties and directions, Sweet Protection is able to create a superlight, optimized helmet shell.

Impact Shield Technology – Helmets with Impact Shields feature a molded shock absorbing EPS liner with Impact Shield inserts that provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. This is Sweet Protection's premium protection technology for high-speed impacts; it distributes impact from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in crucial zones where the head needs it (front and back).

MIPS – The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System incorporates a low-friction layer integrated into the helmet. This design reduces rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

Direct Ventilation – Strategically placed openings provide ventilation without compromising safety.

OcciGrip Turn Dial Fit System – OcciGrip construction provides a firm and comfortable grip that prevents the helmet from rolling on your head.

Adjustable Wide Split Divider for Straps


CE EN1077 class B / ASTM2040

Weight 700 g (ML)