Blizzard's gear is crafted to allow every skier to ride with high performance, balanced precision, and flexible comfort that doesn’t compromise. No matter your level, or the terrain you ski, this is your moment to gain the upper edge, ride your best, and live the moment. 

19 Results





19 Results

Flipcore, Carbon Flipcore, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T.


FlipCore is a revolutionary rocker technology. The advantages of the new structure are: natural flex, incredible floatation in powder snow and excellent stability. The natural rocker shape is produced without having to bend or artificially shape the ski in a press. The end result is an innovative rocker that opens up a new level of stability together with even pressure distribution on the ski.

what it does:  Flipcore results in even pressure distribution, enhanced floatation, increased stability and edge grip 

how it works:  The ski is molded in its final rockered shape allowing the ski to be pressed in a natural way.


Strategically placed Carbon increases the stability and predictability creating a smoother, calmer ride. Carbon fiber in the tip and tail stabilizes the rocker profile reducing vibration. Bi-directionalcarbon fiber in the tip and tail areas stabilizes the tip and tail areas.

what it does:  Carbon fiber in the tip and tail stabilizes the rocker profile reducing vibration 

how it works:  Bi-directionalcarbon fiber in the tip and tail areas stabilizes the tip and tail areas.



Specifically shaped layer of titanal that reduces torsional power in the tip and tail and adds control and stability underfoot. Uni-Directional Carbon in the tip and tail improves longitudinal stability without increasing torsional rigidity.

what it does:  Making the ski less demanding and aggressive in softer snow. 

how it works:  Reduces torsional rigidity in the tip and tail

Blizzard Engineering


Carbon Drive delivers an unprecedented level of performance in a ski this light! Carbon drive allows us to reduce weight in the ski while providing structure for performance. A uni-directional 3 dimensional carbon fiber frame offers optimal flex and torsional rigidity 


We put the best materials in all the right places for the next level of power and rebound with ultimate stability. Maximizes the materials and construction for ultimate performance. Utilizes both carbon and titinal to create a high level of stability, rebound and edge grip.


Perfect blend of performance and stability with a touch of forgiveness for all day skiing. Offers performance but in a more forgiving construction. Titinal sidewall construction maintains a level of performance with forgiveness.


Technology specifically studied to meet the particular needs of modern Freeride and All Mountain skiers. Reduced weight thanks to the Bamboo and Isocore cores. Sidewall Full sidewalls guarantee energy transmission, stability and control and provide torsional rigidity enhancing the performance of the ski. Sidewall provides constant pressure along the full length of the ski.