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20% off Season Rentals

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    Sturtevant's - Bellevue

    Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair / Custom Boot Fitting / Water Sports Rental

    • Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm
    • Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 6pm
    • 3/31 - Closed 4/8 Closed
    Sturtevant's Ski Mart - Bellevue

    Ski/Snowboard Rentals / Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair / Season Rentals (Winter)

    • Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm
    • Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 6pm
    • 3/31 - Closed 4/8 - Closed
    Sturtevant's Ski Mart - Tacoma

    Ski/Snowboard Rentals / Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair / Custom Boot Fitting / Season Rentals (Winter)

    • Monday - Friday, 11am - 7pm
    • Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 6pm
    • 3/31 - Closed 4/8 - Closed


    Sturtevant's and Ski Mart are part of the Christy Sports family of specialty retail brands, all dedicated to delivering an outstanding guest experience. We love what we do and where we live and want to share it. We want to provide guests of all levels with a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where we can share our passion and knowledge. It is our commonalities across the company and more importantly with our guests that make us who we are today: A company of passionate team members, who understand how each interaction impacts the ultimate experience of all our guests. It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle. 

    Come visit us at our locations in Bellevue or Tacoma and shop our favorite outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories for winter sports as well as both indoor and outdoor tennis. Our staff is happy to help in any way they can as well as provide you with more local insider scoop! 


    Christy Sports has something to offer for all job seekers, whether it's wanting to spend a winter season with us or starting a career. We'll see you out there!

    Washington Snowboard & Ski Rentals, Repairs, & Shop

    The idyllic Washington snow day is within your grasp. Blue skies, freshly dumped powder, and a mountainside run ready to be carved to perfection await; all you need is the right gear. At Sturtevant's and Ski Mart, you can find everything from snow boots to ski rentals in one convenient Washington winter gear shop. With a team of experts ready to assist you, we’re confident you’ll emerge with all the gear you need for a memorable day (or season) on the slopes. From snowboard rentals to durable and stylish ski gear, Washington’s Sturtevant's and Ski Mart is your go-to ski and snowboard shop.

    Whether you’ve been skiing your entire life and are stoked to complete your latest challenge run, or you’re just getting your skis wet on a bunny hill, our professional staff will guide you and equip you for a pow day for the ages. Drop in on our Bellevue or Tacoma shop to shop for skis, browse our massive selection of snowboarding gear, or work with an expert to determine what you need for your day on the mountain. We even have a repair shop that is fully equipped to tune your gear and perfect your current setup.

    If you’re looking for skiing and snowboarding gear for sale in Washington, nobody has you covered like Christy Sports. Pop in during your solo adventure, or bring the whole family. Everyone is welcome, here whether they’re adding a board to their collection or renting their first pair of skis. Thanks to our expertise and experience, you can get your ski and snowboard rentals or repairs done quickly, then head to the lift with plenty of time to spare. The mountain is what matters most, and Sturtevant's and Ski Mart ski and snowboard shops in Washington are sure to get you amped for an unforgettable time getting gnarly on the mountainside.